Post WWII US Army Radios & Radio Teletype Shelters


Manuals and TM's

Below are the manuals and TM's I have either found or scanned for RATT RIG's and their internal and external equipment. If the equipment is used in more then one type of RIG or it has been used both in RATT RIG's and other sets, it has it's own category.

 Hundreds more military manuals can also be found on the Radionerds web site.

To aid in manual selection, it helps to know the numbering system. The older manuals were only a few digits and these contained all the information on the equipment.  Later, the manuals were broken down by "user", which is the suffix.  While not always correct, I offer a Manual Suffix Key; "10" is Operator; "12", "13", "14" and 15" is a Combination Manual and often a Complete Manual and may be the only one issued, "20" is Organizational Maintenance, "24","34" and "40" is General Support and/or Intermediate Support Maintenance", "35" is Depot Maintenance. Most any of the above can be followed by a "P" which is parts allocated at that level.

Info From Government Sources

The many later TM’s, concerned with single pieces of equipment,  like “TM 9-1005-223-12”. The first number refers to the branch. The number “9” means that it is an Ordnance branch document. The second series of numbers refer to the subject type. The third series refers to the particular piece of equipment or subject. The forth series on numbers refer to the level of maintenance which the manual is concerned with. With “10-12” being operator and organizational maintenance level, and with higher numbers concerned with a higher level, 20’s being direct support, 30’s being general support.


 If underlined, the document is available for download.  Otherwise, I have bound copies that will be scanned as time permits.  If you have any TM's you care to add to the library, please contact me.

Some of these files are HUGE!  Please be patient.  We may need to move the larger ones to the FTP server if it becomes a problem.

AN/GRC-26 TM's
TM 11-264  GRC-26 1950
TM 11-264A GRC-26A
TM 11-854 Receiver R-388
TM 11-5820-202-10 GRC-26A,B,C 1959
TM 11-5820-202-20P
TM 11-5820-202-35 GRC-26A,B,C 1959
TM 11-5820-256-10 GRC-26D 1969
TM 11-5820-256-20 GRC-26D 1962
TM 11-5820-256-24P GRC-26D 1977
AN/GRC-46 TM's
TM 11-5815-204-10 GRC-46A,B 1960
TM 11-5815-204-10 GRC-46 1959
TM 11-5815-204-20 GRC-46 &A,B
TM 11-5815-204-35 GRC-46 &A,B
TM 11-5820-205-10 MD-203/GR 1958
TM 11-5820-205-20 MD-203/GR 1959
TM 11-5820-205-35 MD-203/GR 1960
TM 11-5805-210-10 CV-278/GR 1959
TM 11-5805-210-20 CV-278/GR 1959
TM 11-5805-210-35 CV-278/GR 1959
J-2498/GRC Junction Box GRC-46C
SA-1243/GRC Switch Box GRC-46C
GRC-46 Plain Cording - Less Security
GRC-46 Plain Cording - W/Security
GRC-46B Cording
AN/GRC-122 & 142 TM's
TM 11-5815-334-10
TM 11-5815-334-20
TM 11-5815-334-20P
TM 11-5815-334-20P-1
TM 11-5815-334-20P-2
TM 11-5815-334-34
TM 11-5815-334-34P
TM 11-5815-334-34P-1
TM 11-5815-334-34P-2
TM 11-5805-387-10-1 C1
TM 11-5805-387-10-2
TM 11-5805-387-20-1
TM 11-5805-387-20-2
TM 11-5805-387-20P-2
TM 11-5805-387-34-2
TM 11-5805-387-34P-2
TM 11-5815-338-15
AN/GRC-19 TM's
TM 11-806 T-195
TM 11-806 Figures
TM 11-5820-295-10
TM 11-5820-295-20
TM 11-5820-295-20P
TM 11-5820-295-35
TM 11-5820-334-35 R-392
TM 11-5820-335-35 T-195B
AN/GRC-106 TM's
TM 11-5820-520-35 1966
TM 11-5820-520-34 1990
TM 11-5820-520-34 1972
TM 11-5820-520-10
TM 11-5820-520-20P
TM 11-5820-520-20P-1
TM 11-5820-520-20P-2
TM 11-5820-520-34P
Common '106 Problems & Repairs
AM-3349 Amp Schematic
TM 11-5815-238-10 TT-76
TM 11-5815-238-20 TT-76
TM 11-5815-238-20P TT-76
TM 11-5815-238-34P TT-76
TM 11-5815-238-35 TT-76
TM 11-5815-206-12 TT-4
TM 11-5815-206-34 TT-4
TM 11-5815-206-34P TT-4
TM 11-5815-206-34P-1 TT-4
TM 11-5815-602-10 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-602-10-1 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-602-24 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-602-24-1 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-602-24P UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-612-40&P UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-612-40-1 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-5815-612-40P-1 UGC-74(*)
TM 11-2230 TT-98 1956
TM 11-2225 TT-76 1957
TM 11-5815-200-12 TT-98
TM 11-5815-200-20P TT-98
TM 11-5815-200-34P-1 TT-98
TM 11-5815-200-34P-2 TT-98
TM 11-5815-200-35 TT-98 Series
TM 03315-15 TGC-14(*) Mite
CV-2455 Technical
CV-2455 Operator
TM 11-5820-467-15 AN/GRA-50
TM 11-5820-467-24P AN/GRA-50
TM 11-2651 AN/GRA-4
TM 11-5820-489-10 GRA-6
TM 11-5820-489-20 GRA-6
TM 11-5820-489-20P GRA-6
TM 11-5820-489-34P GRA-6
TM 11-5038 GRA-6 1951
TM 11-5820-765-12 PP-4763
TM 11-5820-765-34 PP-4763
TM 11-5820-765-134P-1 PP-4763
TM 11-6130-246-12 PP-1104
TM 11-6130-246-35 PP-1104
TM 11-6125-252-15 PU-724/G MG Set
TM 11-6625-333-15 ME-165
TM 11-6625-333-24P ME-165
TB 4301-24 All Shelters
MIL-HDBK-116 Environment Concerns
TM 10-5411-205-13 S-250
TM 9-4520-260-13 UH48E
TM 9-4520-260-23P UH48E
TM 5-4520-250-14 T-15K
TM 5-6115-323-14 1.5 KW
TM 5-6115-323-24P 1.5KW
TM 5-6115-271-14 3 KW
TM 5-6115-271-24P 3 KW
TM 9-2805-262-14 3 KW ENGINE
TM 9-2805-262-24P 3 KW ENGINE
RT-524 TM's
TM 11-5280-401-34-2-1
TM 11-5280-401-34-2-2
M-715 TV Spot M-715 Electrical
M-715 Factory Stock
M-715 Stock W/Solid State Flasher
M-715 W/Modified Lighting
RTTY Audio Files
850 Shift 75 Baud
85 Shift 75 Baud
85 Shift Diversity 75 Baud
850 Shift 45 Baud
TT-4A Running
Signal School Books
FM_11-05C 1-2
FM_11-05C 3