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My AN/GRC-46C Restoration Page

In April, 2010 I discovered an AN/GRC-46 for sale in Delaware.  I had seen it a year earlier but did not do any inspection at that time so I was basically buying it sight unseen, on the phone.  I did not know the model but it turned out to be a "C", the last produced in 1963+/-.  I was assured on the phone everything was in there and that the owner powered everything up a few years ago.  So, I bought it and brought it home.  During inspection at home I discovered several cables were missing with others that had the connectors cut off and unusable, the RTTY printer was the wrong one and there were many holes drilled in the shelter for who knows what.  Also, the roof leaked and lots of dents in the shelter skin. The T-195 had a tag on it saying "blows fuses" and the dog bone to the R-392 was missing.  No way anyone "powered it up"!  Caveat emptor now had a new meaning!

OK, I own it so what to do with it?  I stripped it out and began to restore it to "like new" condition.  I already have a TT-98 to replace the wrong one so I made a list of other items I would need.  A few of the missing cables were found at a military radio/truck show and plans are now made to find the remaining parts. The following pictures are my progress on this project.

This shelter was placed on my M-37 in fall, 2013.

46 on the trailerInsides of the 46Rear View of the 46

Arrived Home, April 2010

Stripped OutResealing 1Resealing 2Resealing 3Resealing 4

Stripped and Resealed, May, 2010

Body Repairs 1Body 2Body 3Body 4New Roof

Body Work to Fix the Dents and Holes and New Roof, August 2010

Painted 46Painted 46-2Painted 46-3Paionted 46-4

Finished Painting Outside and Inside as Well As Restoring the Data Plates, October 2010

Wiring 1

New wiring started.  The old wiring was brittle and cracked. December 2010

Crypto Rack restored. Restored radio, TTY racks and new wiring going in. March 2011

TT-76 Keyboard PartsTT-76 Ready to GoTT-98 Tuned Up and Ready

Both the TT-76A and TT-98 were overhauled. Tiny Parts!!  April 2011

T-195, R-392 and Modulator & DemodulatorTTY Gear Going In

Comm Gear and TTY gear now in! April 2011

Finished 1Finished 2Finished 3Finished 4