Post WWII US Army Radios & Radio Teletype Shelters



My Truck Restorations

I bought my M-715 in 2007 sight unseen.  After many e-mails and pictures I sent the money.  Never again!!!  I was told NO rust and completely stock.  Well, is was a rust bucket and many non-stock parts including the 12 volt system with no charging.  The rocker panels were gone!!  When it was delivered I was devastated.  It took a few months of legal threats to get it straightened out. It was completed in 2009.  It now has the AN/GRC-142 on the back.

A few pictures of the progress are below

The M-37 arrived late in 2011.  This time, I went to see the truck.  It was completed in September 2013 after a longer then anticipated restoration.  A few pictures are below. The GRC-46B that was on the truck can be seen in the 46B page.  The truck shelter installed now is my 46C which I completed years earlier.