Post WWII US Army Radios & Radio Teletype Shelters



The AN/MRC-2 series is believed to to be the first mobile RATT system and is described in TM 11-264.  Documents show it was probably developed around 1947 and was an offshoot of the SCR-399 as was the AN/GRC-26.  It was contained in three HO-17 shelters on 2-1/2 ton trucks and was used at field headquarters of large units for long range communication and for handling heavy traffic.  It was a semi-permanent installation running 2 kw of power with one doublet antenna for transmission and two for receiving. Not many were produced and in my opinion was the predecessor to the later commcenters.

This unit is mentioned in a few documents but it is unknown if it was ever developed. It was to be a "Low Cost" version of the AN/GRC-46.  It was to have a different radio set with manual tuning, rather then the AN/GRC-19.

Mounted in a Jeep M-170, this set was a 1 Kw AM, SSB, CW and RTTY unit used mostly for forward air control. It covered 2 MHz to 29.999 Mhz. The RTTY used the TT-297A/UG Mite. The Jeep also contained the ARC-55 for aircraft communication.

Mounted in an S-250 size shelter, this Collins built set contained commercial Collins HF-80 series gear and was equipped for full remote operation.  Only 7 were known to be built in an attempt to win a government contract. Used the UGC-74(B) terminal.

The Sets below are multi-purpose units but all contain teletype equipment.  Some are both wire and radio and a few are microwave voice and RTTY. They can contain tape facilities as well as page printers.

I have some technical info on some of the above sets but I never saw any of them.  If you have any data or pictures other then in the ST 11-154, ST 11-174 and FM 24-25 Signal School Books, let me know and we will post it.